The Couple Conflict Consultant | Welcome to The Couple Conflict Consultant
Welcome to The Couple Conflict Consultant

The Couple Conflict Consultant is a free program, based on scientific research, that helps couples build strong skills in communication and conflict resolution. Conflict is a normal part of all relationships, and this program will help you find the best approach to resolving conflict in your relationship.

The Couple Conflict Consultant is completely free. It is part of a research study being conducted by Dr. Keith Sanford at Baylor University. There are no fees and no advertisements. All the costs for this program have been paid through a grant from Baylor University.

If you learn how to manage conflict, you can use conflict to make your relationship stronger. The Couple Conflict Consultant will show you how.

Steps to building strong skills in conflict resolution:
  1. Complete a scientifically developed conflict assessment.
  2. Get your personal scores for 14 areas of conflict resolution.
  3. Learn from a large bank of resource information.
  4. Build your proficiency by using the Couple Conflict Consultant every time you have a conflict.
  5. Watch your relationship grow better over time.

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  • Completely free

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The Couples Conflict Consultant is created by Dr. Keith Sanford, associate professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University.

When not conducting research and teaching, Dr. Sanford also enjoys composing and recording music. Visit Dr. Sanfordís music website at: